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Columbia November 19, 1996 – December 7, 1996 Mission Duration: 423 hrs 53 mins 18 secs (17d 15h) ITA Experiment: CMIX-5 Hardware Flown:   DMDA (1st Generation) & LMAs 3 Flight Units Numerous commercial and industrial experiments and 13 student experiments as part of ITA’s Space Outreach Program. Primary Mission Objective:  Wake Shield Facility, ASTRO-SPAS This was the third flight of the Wake-Shield Facility (WSF), a retrievable satellite that created an ultra-vacuum behind it, allowing for the creation of semiconductor thin films for use in advanced electronics.  WSF created seven films before being recaptured by Columbia's robotic arm after three days of flight.  The ASTRO-SPAS is a carrier designed for launch, deployment and retrieval by the Space Shuttle.  It was deployed for 14 days of free flight where it conducted astrophysical measurements and made observations of the Earth's atmosphere. STS-80 was the longest mission in Space Shuttle history.  Although two spacewalks were planned, they were both canceled after problems with the airlock hatch prevented astronauts Tom Jones and Tammy Jernigan from exiting the orbiter. On this mission, Dr. Story Musgrave became the only person to fly on all five Space Shuttles – Challenger, Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavour, and Columbia Dr. Musgrave also tied a record for spaceflights, and set a record for being the oldest man in space.  Both records have since been surpassed. Dr. Musgrave also operated the ITA CMIX-5 experiment where, for the first time, ITA succeeded in growing large, stable, crystals in its cancer IR&D program.
Longest Mission in Space Shuttle History
STS-80 November 19, 1996 Launch
STS-80 Earthrise
STS-80 Landing at KSC
STS-80 Kuh-e-Bazman (11,494') is in eastern Iran
STS-80 The Pacific looking west toward Hawaii
STS-80 Wake Shield deployment
STS-80 Story Musgrave with CBIX