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Discovery October 29, 1998 – November 7, 1998 Mission Duration: 8 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes, 56 seconds ITA Experiment: CIBX-1 (Commercial ITA Biomedical Experiments) and MEPS-1 (Microencapsulation Electrostatic Processing System) Hardware Flown:   DMDA, MEPS-1 & LMAs DMDA: 3 Flight Units, MEPS: 6 Flight Units DMDA, and LMAs contained numerous commercial and industry experiments including 20 student experiments as part of  ITA’s Space Outreach Program.  Payload Specialist John Glenn operated the ITA MEPS-1 hardware.  During the post-flight press de- briefing, Sen. Glenn told everyone that the most important experiments he had the pleasure of performing were the MEPS - Microencapsulation of Anti-cancer Drugs as a new treatment to be injected locally directly into tumors and spare the body of the normal side effects of systemic chemotherapy. Primary Mission Objective:  SpaceHab, John Glenn’s return to flight mission. At age 77, John Glenn became the oldest human, to date, to fly in space. The mission's objectives involved life-sciences investigations using the SpaceHab to perform these experiments on Senator Glenn. Scientific objectives also focused on increasing our understanding of the Sun and how it affects life on Earth. The Spartan 201 spacecraft, a free flyer, studied the acceleration of the solar wind that originates in the Sun's solar corona. Bill Clinton became the second incumbent U.S. president to witness a rocket launch, joined by his wife Hillary on the roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building; and the only one to attend a Shuttle launch (President Nixon witnessed the launch of Apollo 12). ITA achieved a significant breakthrough on STS-95 in its corporate cancer R&D program.  It successfully grew large, stable urokinase crystals 350µ - 500µ in size (10 times the size of the largest known earth grown uPA crystals). Unfortunately, the crystals yielded poor diffraction patterns because of the insufficient purity of the urokinase base solution.
STS-95 John Glenn Trains on MEPS-1
John Glenn Returns to Space
STS-95 Oct 29, 1998 launch of Discovery
STS-95 Shuttle Launch
STS-95 Solar starburst
STS-95 Bence Jones crystal
STS-95 Urokinase protein crystal grown in ITA minilab
STS-95 view out the back window
STS-95 Spartan 201
STS-95 Astronaut John Glenn
STS-95 Spartan
STS-95 Top brass show up to the launch
STS-95 View to the rear window
STS-95 Shuttle Discovery Lands at KSC
STS-95 Florida from space