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Final Flight of Atlantis July 8, 2011 – July 21, 2011 Mission Duration: 12 days, 18 hours, 28 minutes, 50 seconds ITA Experiment: CREST-2 Hardware Flown:   MDA & LMAs 1 Flight Unit, 4 LMA Trays Numerous commercial and industrial experiments including 4 student experiments from ITA’s Space Outreach Program. Second Student Space Experiment Program (SSEP-2) mission with NanoRacks and NCESSE Final flight of Atlantis Final flight of Space Shuttle program Primary Mission Objective:  Deliver primary cargo consisting of the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) Raffaello and a Lightweight Multi-Purpose Carrier (LMC). Successfully complete the International Space Station and conclude the Space Shuttle program. STS-135 delivered supplies and equipment to provision the space station through 2012, following the end of NASA's space shuttle program The MPLM Raffaello made up the majority of the payload. The MPLM was filled with 16 resupply racks, which is the maximum that it could handle.  Raffaello was lifted out of Atlantis' payload bay using the station's Canadarm2 and berthed to nadir port of the Harmony node.  After completing the cargo transfers to the ISS, Raffaello was loaded with almost 5,700 pounds (2,600 kg) of unneeded equipment and station waste and brought back to Earth.  The LMC was also carried on STS-135. An ISS Pump Module which had failed rode home on the LMC so that a failure analysis could be performed on the ground. Like STS-144, ITA flew a single MDA mini-lab and four LMA trays on this mission.  15 student and 4 professional researches filled ~90 experiment wells.  11 of the 15 student experiments were part of a Student Space Experiment Program (SSEP-2) which flew for the second time on STS-135.  ITA’s Space Outreach program flew 4 student experiments.  The 19 experiments in the MDA covered a broad range of research areas including, cancer research, microencapsulation, gene expression, panspermia,  seed germination, embryo growth, bone cell growth, organic and protein crystal growth and cell biology.  An LMA tray (4 LMA vials) containing three proprietary experiments that was left by the STS-134 crew was retrieved and brought back to earth by the crew of STS-135.
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Construction of ISS Complete Final Space Shuttle Program Flight
STS-135- July 8, 2011 final launch of Atlantis
STS-135 Don Davis captures launch
STS-135 Atlantis rollout
STS-135 Atlantis approaches ISS
STS-135 Atlantis approaches ISS
STS-135 Final flyaround of ISS
STS-135 out the ISS window
STS-135 Rafaello to ISS
STS-135 Reentry
STS-135 Space Shuttle  Launch
STS-135 Large crystal grown on ISS
STS-135 Final Space Shuttle landing
STS-135 crew sees Aurora
STS-135 Final Flyaround of ISS
STS-135 Astronaut M. Fossum repairs a failed space pump
STS-135 Drug Microcapsule
STS-135 Shuttle Atlantis makes final touchdown
STS-135 view of ISS