BioSpace Experiments, Inc. (BSE) provides advanced space hardware, flight opportunities, specialized Engineering, and payload processing and integration services to technical, scientific, and academic organizations seeking to take advantage of the microgravity environment of space.  BSE leases superior, low cost, flight proven space processing hardware for microgravity research and experimentation from commercial space pioneer Instrumentation Technology Associates, Inc. (ITA). BSE sister corporation, ITA, was one of the original pioneering commercial space companies with a track record now of twenty-five space missions.  ITA has developed a suite of highly specialized flight hardware, automated multi-purpose mini-laboratories (minilabs), that can be used for anything from cellular biology to growing large protein crystals in orbit (see Research Applications tab under Hardware for more on minilab uses). While a single customer may contract for the use on an entire minilab, BSE, as was ITA, is an “aggregator” of payload customers meaning that it aggregates or clusters a large number of experiments/customers into each minilab package, where it is not uncommon for 20 or 30 customers to be serviced during a single mission.  And in the post-Shuttle era, most missions will be conducted in the vicinity of, or on, the International Space Station (ISS). BSE will handle all customer launch and landing site support and will take care of all payload integration activities so the customer can concentrate on his/her science. BSE acts as the customer interface and marketing organization for ITA.  ITA has retained it’s traditional focus on hardware and hardware development. For more information on BSE’s hardware legacy and recent presentations by BSE principals, see the pull down menu tabs above.
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