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Endeavour June 5, 2002 – June 19, 2002 Mission Duration: 13 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes, 56 seconds ITA Experiment: Reflight of the Joint NASA-ITA hardware development program; MEPS -II (Microencapsulation Electrostatic Processing System) Hardware Flown:   MEPS-II delivered to ISS for Increment 5 research.  Primary Mission Objective:  Resupplied the station and replaced the Expedition 4 crew with the Expedition 5 crew. The Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) carried experiment racks and three stowage and resupply racks to the station.  During one of three space walks the crew also installed a component of the Canadarm2 which gave the mechanical arm the capability to "inchworm" from the U.S. Lab fixture to the MSS and travel along the Truss to different work sites. In addition to providing supplies, STS-111 rotated the crews aboard the ISS, exchanging the three Expedition 4 members (1 Russian, 2 American) for the three Expedition 5 members (2 Russian, 1 American). Once installed, the MEPS-II experiments were operated by Expedition 5 Astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson in the July 19-20, 2002 timeframe.  The MEPS-II experiment returned good data.  The initial data and samples were returned to KSC with Dr. Whitson on STS-113.
ISS Gets More Supplies MEPS Hardware Gets Another Ride
STS-111 Launch
Dr. Dennis Morrison with ISS MEPS Hardware Before Launch
STS-111 Peggy Whitson and Carl Walz attach MBS on Truss
Dr Whitson during Expedition 5 EVA
STS-111 Manicouagan impact feature in Canada
STS-111- San Francisco bay region
STS-111 Carries MPLM Leonardo to ISS
ISS as found by STS-111 in this STS-110 departure picture
STS-111 Sunrise
STS-111 Lands at Dryden