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Endeavour November 24, 2002 – December 7, 2002 Mission Duration: 13 days, 18 hours, 48 minutes, 38 seconds ITA Experiment: Return of MEPS-II initial samples and data Hardware Flown:   MEPS Process Control Modules returned from ISS to KSC  Primary Mission Objective:  ISS assembly flight.  P1 Truss, crew rotation, last successful mission before STS-107. The STS-113 assembly mission delivered the P1 Truss segment which provides the structural support for the Space Station radiators. Mission Specialists John Herrington and Michael López-Alegría performed three spacewalks to activate and outfit the P1. The STS-113 crew and both Expedition 5 and 6 crews transferred about 1,969 kilograms (4,340 pounds) of cargo between the shuttle and station. STS-113 delivered the Expedition 6 crew to the station for a four-month increment. The Expedition 5 crew returned to Earth aboard STS-113, ending a productive 185-day stay in space. Eight ITA built MEPS-II Process Control Modules (each containing one set of experiment results) were returned to KSC on this flight along with Astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson, who successfully operated the MEPS-II hardware on the space station.
ISS Assembly Mission Last successful Flight Before Loss of Columbia
STS-111 Peggy Whitson and Carl Walz attach MBS on Truss
STS-113 Encounters ISS
STS-113 Astro John Herrington during space walk
STS-113 Snaps photo of ISS with Earth
STS-113 Approaches ISS
STS-113 Captures ISS as it Departs
STS-113 Delivers P! Truss to ISS
STS-113 Landing at KSC
STS-113 Night Launch
STS-113 A room with a view
STS-113 Installs P1 Truss
STS-113 Michael Lopez-Alegria during space walk on P1 Truss
STS-113 P1 Truss Installation