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Discovery July 26, 2005 – August 9, 2005 Mission Duration: 13 days, 21 hours, 32 minutes, 48 seconds ITA Experiment: Return of MEPS-II (Microencapsulation Electrostatic Processing System) hardware. Hardware Flown:   MEPS Primary Mission Objective:  First post Columbia mission.  Flight safety evaluation/testing, ISS supply/repair, MPLM Raffaello STS-114 was the second NASA “Return to Flight” after the 31 month stand down following the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia.  The first Return to Flight mission was STS-26 after the 32 month stand down following the loss of Space Shuttle Challenger.  Upon arrival at ISS, Discovery performed a 9 minute roll maneuver so the ISS crew could inspect its underside.  Classified as Logistics Flight 1, the flight carried the Raffaello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module and the External Stowage Platform-2.  They deployed MISSE 5 to the station's exterior, and replaced an ISS Control Moment Gyroscope.  The crew conducted three spacewalks. The first demonstrated repair techniques on the Shuttle's Thermal Protection System.  During the second, the spacewalkers replaced a failed gyroscope.  On the third, they installed the External Stowage Platform and repaired the shuttle, the first time repairs had been carried out during a spacewalk on the exterior of a spacecraft in flight.  Following an inspection of the orbiter’s TPS, Steve Robinson easily removed two protruding gap fillers with his fingers from the front underside of the shuttle. The ITA MEPS-II hardware was safely returned to earth after 38 months on orbit in the ISS.
Return to Flight Mission MEPS Hardware Returned from ISS
STS-114 Lifts off from KSC
STS-114 Approaches ISS
STS-114 Views ISS
STS-114 Captures ISS over upper Caspian Sea area
STS-114 Steve Robinson on Canadarm2
STS-114 Astro Stephen Robinson removes gap fillers
STS-114 Steve Robinson turns camera on himself
STS-114 saw the debut of the 9 minute maneuver
STS-114 Night landing at KSC
STS-114 Astros capture space reflection image
STS-114 captures auroa Boreallis
STS-114 Breath taking view
STS-114 Return to Flight approaches ISS