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Bioreactors 2002 NASA Education Brief Bioreactors Grow Cells in Space 1991 Morrison Bioreactor Patent 1987 Human Cell Culture in a Space 1985 Space Bioreactor Workshop Bioreactor - Morrison CASIS 2013 CASIS Materials Science RFP 2012 CASIS Annual Report 2012 CASIS Valuation and Prioritization Framework 2012 CASIS Partner Directory 2012 CASIS Organizational Structure 2012 CASIS James Royston Senate Hearing Statement 2012 CASIS Fact Sheet for Business Page Cellular Biology 1989 Cellular Effects of Microgravity- Morrison 1997 Exp Cell Research MicroG on Multidrug Resistance 1996 Exp Cell Research MicroG on Ostoblast Growth 1994 New Lab for Cell Space Research March 1993 ASGSB MicroG Alters Muscle Cells Experiments Lists STS-95 CIBX-1 MDA Experiments STS-43 MDA Experimental Results STS-37 MDA Experimental Results Consort 4 MDA Experiments Consort 3 MDA Experiments Consort 1 MDA Experiments International Space Station 2012 ISS Research Document Library 2012 Boeing ISS Backgrounder Overview 2012 ISS Benefit for Humanity 2012 ISS Flight Schedule FPIP 2011 ISS Highlights by Uhran to NAC 2011 Positioning the ISS for the Utilization Era 2011 Overview Research & On Orbit Facilities Non Partner Participation 2011 ISS Research Accomplishments Overview 2011 ISS NASA Research Overview 2011 International Space Station-enabled Educational Opportunities 2011 Nanoracks Commercial Contributions to ISS- Johnson 2010 Boeing Frontiers Above and Beyond 2010 Proorbis Reference Model for the ISS US National Laboratory 2010 The Era of ISS Utilization 2010 ISS Payload Integration Process Primer 2009 EXPRESS Rack Payload Interface Definition Document 2009 ISS Utilization Facilities on the ISS 2007 ISS National Laboratory Research Potential 2006 ISS National Laboratory Ed. Concept Development Report 2002 Opportunities for Science on ISS v2 2001 ISS Utilization Advisory Group Report  Materials Processing 2001 Materials Processing in Micro-g 2000 Materials Processing in Space Trends & Opportunities 1999 Laser Assisted Material Processing in Space 1993 CVTE Micro g Research Facility Lessons Learned
Media Miscellaneous 2012 Science Daily on MEPS 050512 2009 Aerospace America on Public Space Travel 2007 SpaceNews Moore and Yoel 021207 OpEd MEPS Information 2012 Science Daily on MEPS 050512 2012 Cancer Treatment Delivery Medical Press 2009 Percutaneous Tumor Ablation Micro encapsulated Echo-guided Interstitial Chemotherapy Combined with Cryosurgery Increases Necrosis in Prostate Cancer 2009 Matrix Supplemented Stem Cell Microencapsulation for Regenerative Medicine Hakimzadeh 2007 Microencapsulation of Lactobacillus acidophilus 2005 MEPS Expedition 5 Research 2001 MEPS Patent NASA Publications 2012 NASA Gerstenmaier HEOMD Status 072412 2011 NASA Strategic Plan 2010 Micro-g Research in the Shuttle Era 2007 NASA Science Plan 2007-2016 2004 POCAAS Special Issues Info 2003 Spaceport News on CIBIX Debris 1999 NASA Zero-g Carrier Options 1998 NASA Micro g Research Program Annual Report 1992 NASA SPINOFF on ITA Protein Crystal Growth 1992 NASA Facts Report on MDA 1987 ITA-NASA Commercial User Requirements Database NASA Space Education 2008 NASA Generation Y Perspectives 1999 NASA Micro g Demonstrator 1997 NASA Mirco g Science Primer 1997 NASA Micro g Teachers Guide 1997 NASA Mathematics of Micro-g 1997 NASA Inertial Balance Next-Gen Launch Community 2010 Stern SWRI Blueorgin Virgin Payload User Guides 2012 XCore Lynx Payload Users Guide 2012 Suborbital Industry Update Saltman 2012 Spaceflight services Secondary Payload users Guide rev b 2011 Virgin Payload Users Guide 2011 Masten Payload Users Guide 2009 Falcon 9 Users Guide 2008 Falcon 1 Users Guide Protein Crystal Growth - General 2010 Art of Protein Crystallization 2006 Microfluidic Systems for Protein Crystal Growth 2006 Crystallizing a New Approach to Protein Structure 2005 Generation of Size-Controlled Submicron Protein Crystals 2003 Protein Crystallization 2003 Protein as a Variable in Protein Crystallization 2001 Aspects of Protein Crystallization Research
Protein Crystal Growth-Space 2010 NASA Web Protein Crystal Growth 2005 Macro Molecular Crystallization in Micro-g 2004 Protein Crystal Growth in Space - J Kellog 2003 NASA Protein Crystal Growth Plan 2001 CAPE Publication Jurnal Crystal 2000 Bence Jones Protein Crystallizatioin in Space 1998 NASA Protein Crystal Growth Conclusion 1996 NASA Protein Crystal DB 1996 Journal of Crystal Growth- Protein Crystallization in Micro-g 1993 Three Methods of Protein Cystallization 1990 Todd et al Osmotic Dewatering Technique STS-107 Papers 2010 CIBX Ground Impact Assessment 2009 Outbrief for CIBX Experiment to NASA 2005 Microbial Survival in Space 2004 Results Obtained from the ITA CIBX-2 2004 CIBX-2 Cancer Research Project STS-107 Final Report 2004 AIAA STS-107 Debris Recovery Paper 2003 Lockheed Student Inorganic Crystal Experiments STS 107  Final Report 2003 CAIB Shuttle Accident Report 2002 NASA STS-107 Press Kit 2002 STS-107 Space Research and You Student Research 2011 Nova Tin Crystal Growth Report 2011 Microgravity Science Background SSEP 2011 Microgravity Experiment Case Studies SSEP 2008 CRS STEM Report to US Congress 2008  Problems Facing American Education 2004 Val Cassanto Presenation to NASA Headquarters 2004 International Cooperation-Peace Student Experimentation 2002 IAC Hands On Student Space Outreach Program Suborbital Flight 2009 Overview of NASA Micro-G Program 2009 NASA Suborbital Program 2008 Suborbital XP Space plane for  Testing and Science  Apps 2000 IAF Model for International Student Space Education Think Tank Studies 2012 PIONEERING Sustaining US Leadership in Space 2009 NRC New Ops for Research from Commercial Spaceflight Industry 2005 Futron Suborbital Spaceflight and Responsive Space Study 2005 FAA Suborbital RLVs and Emerging Markets 2002 Futron Space Tourism Market Study 2002 Aerospace Corp Suborbital RLVs and Markets Vision 2012 NSS Roadmap 2011 The Global Exploration Road Map 2011 The Big Picture Space Exploration 2011 SLS MPCV 21CGS Status 2011 NASA TAAT Nautilus-X 2011 Human Space Flight Architecture Overview 1997 Integrated Space Plan