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What BSE Provides to its Customers
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for your commercial space needs?
Why Choose BSE?
Why should YOU consider BSE
Cost: Individual experiment wells are among the lowest cost commercial avenues to conducting orbital experimentation.   Experience.  BSE Space processing hardware has a successful track record: • 13 Shuttle Mid-Deck locker missions • 2 International Space Station missions • 1 Mir Space Station mission • 8 Sounding rocket flights • 2 Low -g aircraft flights • 1 Orbital re-entry vehicle mission Flight Proven Space Processing Hardware: • Materials Dispersion Apparatus (MDA) with capability for ~100 experiments/data points.  Volumetric well size for each data point is approximately 125 microliters (μl). • Dual Materials Dispersion Apparatus (DMDA) has capacity for ~300 data points with 150X video microscope camera for select data.  Volumetric well size for each data point is approximately 125 microliters μl). • Liquids Mixing Apparatus (LMA) vials have a total volumetric capacity of 6 milliliters (ml) for each.  Vials are packaged in trays of four.  Many trays can be flown per flight. • The Fluid Mixing Apparatus (FMA) multi-purpose “transparent” demonstration and training unit for liquid mixing in an aircraft, laboratory or classroom environment.  Ideal as a Ground Control Unit for in-space experiments. Experienced Personnel:  BSE personnel have extensive experience working with NASA, other Space Agencies and the scientific community. BSE’s equipment (except the FMA) has been used successfully in a broad range of research areas in space.  A representative sample  of the types of experiments flown include Protein Crystal Growth, Microencapsulation of Drugs, Cell Biology, Membrane Casting, Collagen Assembly, Seed Germination and Plant Growth microgravity experiments.  See our hardware data sheets for more on the types of experiments that can be conducted. BSE’s hardware is American Made. Commercial Access to Space through A heritage of successful multi-year Flight Agreements with NASA and other space agencies as well as private commercial space organizations. Space Processing Hardware to perform microgravity experiments on the orbital space platforms, the International Space Station, Low Gravity Aircraft, Sounding Rockets and Orbital Re-entry Vehicles. Low Cost Leasing of Space Processing Hardware on Manifested Flights with proprietary protection. Comprehensive Engineering and Scientific Consultation Services Available: • Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering • Aerodynamic, Thermodynamic, Instrumentation and Re-entry Capability • Design, Fabrication, Test and Integration of Space Processing Hardware, • Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell to Cell Interaction, Crystallography Turn Key Operation from Experiment Requirements, Safety Reviews, Flight Qualification Tests, Payload Integration, Launch and Recovery Site Support, Loading and Unloading of Experiment Samples and Mission Operations Support to Final Documentation.  All at a “down to earth” price.