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Are you a teacher? Grades 5 through 12, or University level? Are you looking for a proven stimulating STEM education project? Would you like to fly a classroom experiment in space? Are you looking for the most economical microgravity option? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, BioSpace Experiments is for you!   BSE offers extensive experience, a turnkey operation, a track record of satisfied customers and the most affordable option (that we know of) to fly in orbital space. BSE’s sister company, ITA, through It’s classroom focused Space Outreach Program, has had a proud tradition of supporting America’s schools and was one of the first, if not THE first, American corporation to regularly fly student experiments in space.  ITA was keenly aware from the early days of the space program of the inspirational value of space exploration to excite and challenge students to learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, what we call the STEM disciplines today.    Because of the nature of the ITA flight hardware minilabs, with sometimes literally hundreds of experiment wells available for research during a typical mission, ITA regularly made available a portion of those wells to educators and schools wishing to capitalize on the excitement of space to excite students to higher educational achievement.  BSE has continued this program.   BSE will also continue to offer experiment wells at the lowest cost possible to help reduce the financial burden of conducting space research. To date, 93 schools and almost 4,700 students have worked on experiments that have flown in space in ITA’s mini-laboratories. See pull down menu tabs above for additional information on the classroom student space experiments Space Outreach Program and BSE’s Student Space Flight Intern Program.  Also above, please visit the Educators/ Researchers Resource Archive, a growing archive of research papers and publications related to microgravity research that can be (or has been) conducted in BSE hardware and related NASA publications and presentations. How do I sign up? If you would like more information on how to obtain an experiment well on an upcoming space mission, contact: Ron Jones, BSE Business Development  Email: Phone:  703-447-1188
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