Opportunity to Support Microgravity Payload Mission BSE will be seeking, towards the 3rd QTR of 2013, the assistance competent junior/senior level student interns, preferably engineering and/or biology students, who would like to make aerospace or biomedical research career choices. Candidates will be trained to perform a variety of laboratory tasks related to the preparation, assembly and maintenance of space flight hardware including biologic experiment sample prep and insertion into the payload.  Intern positions require attention to detail, manual dexterity and limited interface with NASA personnel on the fluids list of samples to be flown.  Computer skill and shop experience required.  Positions will require the independent performance of assigned tasks within established methods and procedures.  Detailed instructions will be provided.  Interns have the opportunity to interact directly with scientists and principal investigators in the preparation of flight hardware.  Internships could entail an extended stay, 5-6 weeks, in Florida at launch time to support payload integration and ground support activities.  Interns will have housing and meals provided and interns will be given a small stipend for their efforts at the launch site.  These are unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience with actual space flight hardware.  Work demands at launch time are normally considerable including many thankless support tasks however; the historic nature of most missions should facilitate perseverance.  A good attitude is also required.
BSE “Spaceflight” Intern Program
Those interested contact: Ron Jones rjones@biospaceexperiments.com O: 314-232-0991 C: 703-447-1188
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Intern Jessica Bain (Embry-Riddle) works with Sample Loading Technician Valerie Cassanto during STS-134 Intern Will McCarter (Embry-Riddle) works with Program Manager John Cassanto on the STS-134 MDA payload Intern Curtis Schneider (UCF in BSE lab coat) assists during instrument loading operations during STS-135 STS-134 Embry-Riddle Interns Will McCarter, Mike North, and Rob Moffitt, Dr. Dennis Morrison, ITA Urokinase experiment PI and Ron Jones, deputy PM